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Book reviews and unpopular opinions. Always happy to add more books to your TBR.

About Me

Hello Fellow Readers,

I’m Marta the Monogamist Reader.

I’m based in London. I work in marketing and spend my free time reading fantasy books, mostly YA. I started this blog just as a hobby, but during the pandemic it became so much more. I enjoy reviewing books, creating TBR and book lists, and writing on my reading journal.

I can read only one book at a time, hence, I am the Monogamist Reader.

Other than being an avid reader of fantasy stories, I am also a coffee/stationary addict, cat mom, and proud K-Pop pioneer (20 years of fandom).

My Rating, explained:

5 stars – I love it so much I am fangirling about it all the time

4 stars – I like it a big deal, just something was amiss

3 stars – It was ok, but it didn’t make me crazy

2 stars – This wasn’t my cup of tea, I didn’t like it

1 stars – A BIG NO NO

Review Policy

My blog is a mix of positive and negative reviews, sometimes rants. I consider myself an honest person, so I promised myself I would write only genuine and truthful reviews. If spoilers are included in my review, a disclaimer will be added.

I accept review requests – just contact me via the contact me form. I will aim to provide a timeframe for when I plan to post the review. If I can’t accept your request I will let you know straight away.

So, I guarantee a sincere review. If I don’t like it, I will respectfully express my opinion, but I promise I will always show support for your work and if I love it I’ll go the extra mile to show my love. 

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