You know her name, you know her story. Just not the right one.

Within the depths of the Underworld the formidable snake-haired Gorgon has finally had enough. Tired of being eternally and unjustly brandished a villain, Medusa has found the courage to face her tragic past and speak out. Determined to expose the centuries of lies surrounding her name, Medusa gives unparalleled insight into her cursed life, from her earliest memories and abandonment at birth, right through to her tragic and untimely death at the hands of the hero Perseus. Through telling her story, Medusa finally reveals the lost truth behind antiquity’s most infamous monster.

MEDUSA breathes new life into an ancient story and echoes the battle that women throughout millennia have continued to wage – the opportunity to simply be heard.


Thank you so much to the writer Rosie Hewlett and to NetGalley for an e-copy of this book. The opinions below are my own.

This is a long-overdue review of a fantastic and unmissable retelling that I read in one sitting. 

We all know the Greek myth of the Medusa, but this retelling will walk you through the whole story from a very unique feminist perspective. 

From the very beginning, I was trapped into the story thanks to a conversational writing style. It made me feel like Medusa was actually telling me personally her story. A couple of things absolutely stand out in this story. The first thing, this is a debut novel and it is exceptionally well written. The second thing, you can feel the writer poured a massive amount of research and knowledge into this story and the final result was stunning.

The dialogues around gender inequalities, victim-blaming and rape are presented within this ancient myth but could also be applied to our present. 

If you love Greek mythology retelling and you are looking for a challenging feminist perspective of Medusa’s story you can’t miss this book. I had only a small issue with certain dialogues, which sounded too modern. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and you will devour this book in one sitting, I promise!