Hello Fellow Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

I hope you are well and you are having a lovely Summer so far, full of great readings.

It’s been a while since my last post. I slowly started going out more, trying to do more “normal” stuff, like taking the tube, going to restaurants and shopping. I completely gave up my reading ban and ended up spending lots of money at Waterstones in one single visit. I don’t regret that, because it felt so good to buy books just for the sweet feeling of rewarding myself.

I have been incredibly busy with work and probably I will get busier during the next couple of weeks.

Mood-wise, I can’t say I’m 100%. It’s been a tough and challenging period, sleepless nights are making everything even more challenging. I need a break, like a proper holiday, but the situation is what it is. I am not a risk-taking person, I prefer playing safe, so travelling abroad is not an option for now, and guys… I miss my family (they live in another country), big time.

Taking a break from blogging was a good call. But, while I had time to read more books, I missed the book blogger community. A lot.

I decided I will slowly start blogging again. I will start with tomorrow’s This Week New Releases post. I will not accept review requests for a while. I want to read what I am in the mood to read. I want to avoid feeling pressure to read certain titles just because everybody is talking about it – I read too much crap because of this.

So… yeah… that’s my update. I will try to catch up with you all guys and I will also take time to think about how to improve this blog’s contents.

See you very soon!