Hello Fellow Readers,

How are you? How is your life going? I hope you are doing well and you are surrounded by lots of good books.

Personal Updates:

April was tough. Haha. I think I entered the pandemic fatigue mode. Restrictions have been eased in the UK. I went out to shops, I met my friends, I took time off work but… I don’t feel like much changed. I feel exhausted all the time. Work kept me busier last month, but it still doesn’t feel right. I am pretty much a workaholic, but I am struggling to find motivation. To be honest, I am very close to abandoning my diet plans. It’s too much for me, thinking about meal prep, when both me and my hubby are busy with work and other life stuff, is not feasible for me. It’s more stress added.

So yeah… this too shall pass, right?

On a positive note…

I am fully vaccinated – YAY!

I am still fully operating on my blog – YAY!

I put myself on a book ban, as I said in my latest Book Haul & TBR Check In post. It sucks, because nothing gives me more joy than buying me a new book at the end of tough week. But I need to get through my pile of books. I also thought I need to make more “responsible” purchases and research more a book and read the reviews before just buying for the pretty cover.

And finally…

Last month I was interviewed by Bex @Bookaholic Bex, and if you haven’t already, follow her blog, it’s amazing!! I had so much fun doing the interview.

I also took part in the Kate In Waiting tour in collaboration with #TheWriteReads, and Kriti @Armed With A Book compiled this lovely spotlight of the best reviews for Becky Albertalli’s book and she included mine.

What I read last month:

It was a good reading month, I managed to read 8 books – and for me it’s a good amount. My favourite read of April was definitely Mortal Heart, the last book of His Fair Assassin series and I can’t wait to read the following duology. I managed to read A Sky Beyond the Storm – also well done to me for avoiding spoilers! It was *sigh* disappointing, not as much as Rule of Wolves but very close. I realised I didn’t write many reviews last month, I needed to read just for the sake of reading. I will try to write more this month.

What I watched:

Of course I watched it!! Of course I watched Shadow and Bone! and I loooooooved it! I need to find time to re-watch it. It wasn’t super perfect, but I still loved it. In the beginning, it was hard to digest how they merged the Shadow and Bone & Six of Crows stories, but the quality of every single episode was so high that I soon forgot about it. We all dream of seeing our beloved book series on screen, and this was a great adaptation so I feel we should be grateful at least we got a good one. A part of me died when they said “No mourners. No Funerals.” I think the only complaint I have is, I wanted more Nina and Matthias. As I told my husband “They are the ultimate ship” and I felt in general the media and the overall promotion process didn’t give enough credit to the actress. Nina is my favourite and I hope she will get more scenes in the next season.

What I listened to:

I am not listening to much K-pop – lately there are not many groups/songs that I am like “WOW”, and also because I feel like lately the general quality of K-pop fell. Sorry, I know you probably don’t care about my K-pop taste…. but anyway, last month’s Monogamist Reader’s OST was this old song by SHINee:

That’s it from me.

How was your last reading month?