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Latest Book Haul & TBR Check In #1

Hello Fellow Readers,

I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far and enjoying the Spring weather.

I have taken some time off work so I had some time to finally dedicate time to personal admin stuff. I came to the conclusion it is time I put myself on a book ban. No more books, until I go through at least a half of the ones I have (I think “half” is a more realistic compromise than “all the books I got”). I think the unread pile-of-books situation I got is getting out of control. My impulse to request whatever book with a pretty cover I see on NetGalley doesn’t help. Even right now, while I am writing this piece, I am fighting an inward battle with myself to prevent me from requesting something (specifically Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim).

So, I thought, it would be helpful for me to write this post every month from now on, as a way to keep me accountable.

I have a few books on pre-order, and they are staying. Same for book subscriptions, I will still keep them.

April Book Haul

I am sorry, I pre-ordered Blessed Monsters ages ago, and I am aware of all the controversy regarding the writer. I still want to know where it will go. The second book was terrible, but I want to know how much worse it will get. Red Wolf is actually a physical arc. House of Hollow is a signed copy I bought together with the ticket for a virtual event and The Bright & The Pale came with the March FairyLoot box.


These are my latest NetGalley approvals. I am so excited to read all of them. I am currently reading These Hollow Vows and it’s fantastic!

TBR Check In

Titles I will delete from my TBR:

I came to the conclusion that, if I haven’t read these books during the last couple of years, it’s probably time to be honest with myself and admit I have no intention to read them in the very near future. Luckily they are in my Kindle so they don’t take much space, but still… I feel bad. Also, you can see from these titles how I used to read whatever, but then the weight of the world was too much to bare, and I chose my form of escapism: YA books.

Titles I added to my TBR:

These are the latest books I added to my TBR after being inspired by you guys and your lovely posts. I just hope I will get to read them soon, hahaha.

At the end of April my physical TBR pile of books have come to: 47 books. 😱

That’s it guys. Let the book ban start!

Share in the comment your tips. How do you keep track of your TBR? Do you check it regularly?

10 thoughts on “Latest Book Haul & TBR Check In #1

  1. My physical TBR pile of books has come to 49 books this month. So, I totally get you when you say it’s out of control! 😄
    I should start a book ban too. I haven’t ordered any books in the last two weeks, so that’s some progress. Let’s see if I can lower it to at least 30ish.
    I’m so curious about Warrior of the Wild!

    Liked by 1 person

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