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I hope you had a lovely start to the week and you are not missing the weekend too much like I am.

It’s time to check this week’s new releases and happily find our next read:


Lost in the Never Woods – Aiden Thomas

It’s been five years since Wendy and her two brothers went missing the woods, but when the town’s children start to disappear, the questions surrounding her brothers’ mysterious circumstances are brought back into light. Attempting to flee her past, Wendy almost runs over an unconscious boy lying in the middle of the road, and gets pulled into the mystery haunting the town.

Peter, a boy she thought lived only in her stories, claims that if they don’t do something, the missing children will meet the same fate as her brothers. In order to find them and rescue the missing kids, Wendy must confront what’s waiting for her in the woods.

I’m a sucker for Peter Pan retellings and after reading Thomas‘s debut novel – Cemetery Boys – I am super intrigued by this one. In the town of Astoria, children go missing and Wendy is the only person who can shed some light on the mystery. Lost in the Never Woods is out on 23 March.

Odin’s Child – Siri Pettersen

15-year-old Hirka has always been an outsider in the world of Ym: she’s the only person without a tail, and the only one unable to access the Might, a current of power that runs through the earth.

Her differences become more and more of a concern as the date approaches for the Rite—the ceremony where everyone is to be blessed by the all-knowing Seer and the Council of powerful families who rule in His name. With only a few weeks until the Rite, Hirka discovers the shocking secret behind why she is tailless and Mightless: she is not from this world. As an infant, she was brought through an ancient stone circle known as a Raven Ring, and as long as she’s in Ym, the passageway between worlds remains open inviting terrifying creatures called the blind to follow.

No one can know the truth of Hirka’s identity, especially
not Rime, her childhood friend who just might become something more. But is Rime is hiding secrets of his own?

Technically, this is not a new release. Odin’s Child is the first book of a fantasy trilogy from Norway, which first came out in 2013 and it’s finally getting an English translation. Forbidden romance and deal with the devil is at the base of this epic modern fantasy. Odin’s Child is out on 23 March.

Contemporary Romance:

The Secret Recipe for Moving On – Karen Bischer 

Home economics is supposed to be an easy A for Ellie Agresti, but, much like an imperfect souffle, her plans collapse epically when she’s dumped by her boyfriend, Hunter. Now Ellie has to mend her broken heart while watching Hunter fawn all over his new girlfriend, Brynn, in class. To make matters worse, Ellie is partnered with four of the biggest misfit guys in school: Jeremy, the loudmouth with temper issues; Isaiah, the solemn, silent horse racing obsessive; Andrew, who can’t take rejection; and Luke, the giant, tattooed stunt biker.

Over the course of a semester, Ellie works to overcome her feelings for Hunter, as well as deeper insecurities that have plagued her since middle school. As the weeks go by, she’s surprised to find friendships in unexpected places… and sparks flying with the last guy she’d expect.

This is a lovely and cute chit-lit/contemporary romance and debut novel about finding your place and overcoming heartache. We all need the recipe for that. The Secret Recipe for Moving On is out on 23 March.

Bruised – Tanya Boteju

To Daya Wijesinghe, a bruise is a mixture of comfort and control. Since her parents died in an accident she survived, bruises have become a way to keep her pain on the surface of her skin so she doesn’t need to deal with the ache deep in her heart.

So when chance and circumstances bring her to a roller derby bout, Daya is hooked. Yes, the rules are confusing and the sport seems to require the kind of teamwork and human interaction Daya generally avoids. But the opportunities to bruise are countless, and Daya realizes that if she’s going to keep her emotional pain at bay, she’ll need all the opportunities she can get.

The deeper Daya immerses herself into the world of roller derby, though, the more she realizes it’s not the simple physical pain-fest she was hoping for. Her rough-and-tumble teammates and their fans push her limits in ways she never imagined, bringing Daya to big truths about love, loss, strength, and healing.

Another contemporary romance which explores the thrills of roller derby. The main character, Daya, tries to find the truths about love, loss, strength and healing. Bruised is out on 23 March.

 Which of these books are you planning to read or add to your TBR?