Hello Fellow Readers,

I hope you are well and keeping safe.

I didn’t manage to write a review this week, as work is keeping me busy. I also realised I have to catch up with so many tags, so here we go!

Most importantly: WordPress is not telling me when someone tags me/pings one of my posts. If I missed something, or if you tagged me in one of your posts and I didn’t say “thank you”, I am sorry, it’s because WordPress doesn’t let me know anymore. I notice someone tagging me only when I read your posts.

I have been tagged by the amazing Nikita @Prose and Pancakes for my second Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you so much again for tagging me and sorry it took me so long to answer your questions!! Please follow her lovely blog, so full of great reviews and book recommendations!


1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blogging site.

2. Answer the questions given to you.

3. Nominate other bloggers and ask them to answer your questions.

4. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog post.

Nikita’s questions:

1. Do you watch book-to-movie adaptations? Which ones are your favorite?

Sometimes, it depends if I read the book or not. I think the best adaptation I’ve seen so far is the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. I have also high expectations about Shadow and Bone (not a movie, I know).

2. Can you name an underrated book you read and loved?

I can name many and you may think I’m so boring and repetitive, but I will never be tired of promoting these two series: Dark Stars trilogy and The Smoke Thieves trilogy. Oh! House of Dragons as well, such a great plot and characters.

3. Do you read or write fanfiction?

I guess my answer is no. I used to read lots of fanfiction when I was in my manga/anime phase in high school, but I never tried to write one.

4. How did you fall in love with reading? When did it happen?

I always loved reading, I just used to read more genres and I was open to everything. Now I tend to read only YA Fantasy books. If I have to pinpoint exactly when I fell in love with reading, I think I was 8/9 years old? And the book was Basil of Baker Street. I loved that book so much, I remember reading it and re-reading it all the time.

5. Do you have hobbies other than reading books and blogging about them? If yes, what are they?

I’m not sure it’s a hobby but, because my husband is Korean and I speak fluent Korean, we watch a lot of Korean TV during the weekend and I am not talking about Netflix drama stuff. I also like listening to K-Pop music, that’s something I still can’t get tired of.

6. Which book is closest to your heart?

There are two. One is Crown of Midnight, and the other one is The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. I know they are opposite stories, but they both helped me to cope with a difficult time of my life, so they will always have a special place in my heart.

7. What would be the title of the book based on your life?

What a mess.

8. What’s one movie you want to be novelized?

That’s an interesting question. I guess my answer will be Paul, haha. I know it’s a stupid movie, but it’s one of my favourites and I kind of wish to read more about this alien who (allegedly) helped to write both X-Files and E.T. I love that movie, it’s just so hilarious.

9. You can only either read graphic novels or fanfiction. Which one do you choose?

Graphic novels, absolutely.

10. Book blogging or BookTube- which one do you like more?

Book blogging, I guess? I’m not into BookTube, sorry. I know there are lots of amazing BookTubers out there, but I’m not a YouTube person, I guess?

11. What’s one thing book blogging has taught you?

Dedication. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes, as I am sure you guys know this very well. I do it as a hobby, but I know that there are bloggers who plan every single detail, tags, social media content. Unfortunately I don’t have time for that but I can’t help but appreciate all the bloggers out there, regardless of the topic. It takes a lot of dedication, everyday, to come up with new contents, engaging with the followers and so on.

I tag:

Evelyn @Evelyn Reads

Saniya K @Sunny Side Reviews

The Elven Warrior @The Elven Warrior

Mani @Mani’s Book Corner

and… YOU!!

My questions – I hope you will excuse me but I will re-use/trick a bit Nikita’s questions:

  1. What’s the biggest book you have read?
  2. What was your favourite book when you were a kid?
  3. What’s the last film/TV show you watched?
  4. Would you accept a job as a librarian in an hunted library?
  5. What would be the title of the book based on your life?
  6. If they make a movie based on your life, who would you cast as actor/actress for your role?
  7. Who is your absolute favourite writer?
  8. Are you keeping up with your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions? (it doesn’t have to be reading goals)
  9. Is there a book you keep saying “One day I will read it” but you never do?
  10. Can you name an underrated book you read and loved?
  11. What’s one movie you want to be novelized?

Thank you for reading!!