Hello Fellow Readers,

How have you been? I hope you are all keeping safe and warm, and enjoying lots of good readings wherever you are.

Personal updates:

Well, I don’t have much update on the personal side. I am kind of re-adjusting to my new job. After four months, it was decided I would focus on different markets, this shift felt like restarting the learning curve. To be completely honest with you, life started to feel pretty much a massive blur – work Monday to Friday, then the weekend, and repeat. I am not going out too much for walks, as the weather has been so Britishly gloomy and rainy (we had a tad bit of snow as well). I had less time to play Ghost of Tsushima or read, but I started virtual Yoga class and I did some spinning. Anyway, no big highlights, I am just feeling the effects of this long Winter lockdown 3.0.

On the blog side, we had one small milestone – 200 posts!! YAY!! It has been almost one year since I started working more actively on this blog, I can’t believe I’ve already written 200 posts!

What I read last month:

My favourite read of last month was definitely Dark Shores, because after one month, I still think about Marcus and Teriana, they are such great characters. My least favourite was definitely Eleanor & Park. I haven’t written a proper review, and I don’t think I will. I think the massive problems about this book have been plentily highlighted and explained online and I am not going to add anything more. To sum up, I think I had great reading month, with a few 5-star reads, despite having less time to read.

What I watched:

I finally sat down and watched Tenet and I didn’t understand anything about that movie! LOL. I had such a massive headache after watching it. Me and my hubby had to pause like every 20 minutes to exchange notes and questions. I meant to research online an explanation about everything but then I forgot to do it. I guess now it’s too late because I don’t really remember much of what happened, except everything was so confusing. All the actors were great – except Kennet Branagh pretending to be Russian – and I thought it was a visually great movie, but the problem was the plot.

I also watched season 2 of Kingdom. I was complaining to my husband that there were not so many zombies but then, the last two episodes picked up. This drama is so much fun to watch, it really kept me on the edge every episode and I can’t wait to see where the story will go next seasons.

What I listened to:

I mostly put on repeat these three songs – always K-pop. Well, this time there is rap as well, Epik High are one of my favourite artists and their latest album is just so awesome, I loved every song. If you like rap, I recommend you give them a chance – no worries, it’s not idol stuff, it’s more serious Korean music!

  • Rosario – Epik High

And that’s it from me.

I hope you had a good January and I wish you another good reading month guys!

Speak with you soon! Always keep safe and take care of yourself, guys!