Hello Fellow Readers,

Ehm… Where did Christmas go?

Let’s start with personal updates:

I am writing this post in the evening on Friday 8 January. It feels like Christmas was ages ago and I have been working for months. I need another break. Going back to work this year was very weird. I don’t know how else describe it. We are currently in another lockdown (3.0 as someone say) in London, during the break I stayed predominantly at home, hibernated like a polar bear. Then one morning I woke up and society demanded I work and stop playing Ghost of Tsushima – which by the way is my latest biggest addiction.

December was quite uneventful, except I went to the dentist – which is my biggest fear ever, I am really a desperate case, like you can’t even imagine. So, I guess, that’s a massive achievement. I went back last Tuesday to do everything I needed to do and now it feels like a big heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

What I read last month:

In terms of books, I managed to read quite a few, thanks to the Christmas break.

It was a great reading month, but I have to say I had the massive urge to do mood reading, and now I have a few ARCs to read ASAP, before publication day. I managed to finish two series – The Nevernight Chronicles and The Infernal Devices. Darkdawn was a beast, I absolutely love it but Kristoff is a psycho, lol. How? How did he write such a heart wrenching, messed up, sexy but gory masterpiece? Definitely I am glad I gave this series another chance. The Infernal Devices… uhmm. I am still not 100% sure if I want to jump on the full Shadowhunters adventure and read all the series. I still haven’t finished The Mortal Instruments, and many people told me that that’s not the best series from Clare. Honestly, I didn’t really appreciate the ending of The Infernal Devices, in specific the epilogue.

The favourite read of December was definitely Silk & Steel by Ariana Nash, which was on my TBR for ages. I started reading on the 24th, I went to sleep with my heart racing because of the plot, and in the morning on the 25th, as soon as I woke up, back to read it and finished it one seating. I devoured it. It’s not YA, it’s definitely adult fantasy, and I know it’s not for every stomach. My “review” also got a like on Goodreads from the writer which made my day. I have to grab all the remaining books soon.

The biggest disappointment was unfortunately Master of One. It was one of my most awaited releases of 2020, but I had to give up around page 175 because I was on the verge of getting a massive reading slump. Super slow pace, I felt it wasn’t going anywhere and it wasn’t the heist/romance story I was promised.Β 

You can also read an overview of My Best & Worst Read of 2020.

What I listened:

This year the queen of K-Pop – BoA – celebrated 20 years of career with her 10th album, so I was listening to that on repeat, in particular her latest title track – Better. PS: I am a fan of BoA since her very first stage “ID; Peace B“.

What I watched:

We watched Soul on Disney+ and it was so sooo good! It was so beautiful that it made me cry! I love how Pixar always find a way to talk about abstract things in such a sweet and simple way.

That’s it from my side.

How is your reading going? Have you watched any interesting movies lately??