My Monthly Recap

My November Wrap-up

Hello Fellow Readers,

How was your past reading month? Hope your November was filled of good stories.

Personal updates:

I guess for me it was quality more than quantity. I didn’t read a lot. Between hospital procedure and getting used to the new job, in the evening I just couldn’t find much time to read and I tend to collapse in bed quickly. Also.. I recently bought The Ghost of Tsushima for PS4 and, I am kind of addicted. This game is so much fun! The quality of the graphic is stunning and I am so addicted to learning more skills option. I also love a good sword videogame. So, yeah, I lost my sanity with this game!!

The good news is that I smashed my Goodreads challenge. I started with 60 books, but because of the pandemic I pushed the challenge to 100 and… I made it!! I am now on my 105th read:

Anyway, here’s what I read last month:

My favourite read was Iron Heart – the amazing conclusion of Crier’s War duology. I honestly can’t write a full review because I thought it was a perfect and solid ending. I will miss a lot the characters, like Ayla and Crier. I can’t recommend this story enough. If you like dystopian world where automas rule and humans are living in slavery, you need to check this book.

Tears of Frost – Mini Mini Review:

My least favourite was Tears of Frost. I didn’t post my review on here, but you can find my rant on Goodreads if you are interested. The first book of this series, Heart of Thorns, was absolutely great. I loved the main character and the fact that her love interest was a bisexual prince. All of that was completely gone with the introduction of a new main POV and the story was butchered by a writer who clearly lost the plot and purpose of the story, destroyed by nonsensical and unwanted romance. So bye bye LGBT+ representation. In addition to exploiting a serious issue such as sexual assault to justify actions of a wrongly developed new main character, there was a part which for me was absolutely disturbing and problematic and because of that I automatically gave it one star. You can sense that this book left me very upset.

Let’s move on to more happy topics. What I listened to:

I listened in repeat to CIX‘s new single – Jungle. It’s not that I am a big massive fan (except for Bae Jin Young – I am still a Wannable deep in my heart) but I loved the song and the video:

What I watched:

While I am currently on Season 4 of Buffy, I also watched season 4 of The Crown. I know this season is the most controversial and criticised by media, but I still loved all the royal drama. Every actor gave an outstanding performance, in particular Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher. She was amazing!!

That’s it from my side.

What’s on your TBR for December? How was your November reading?

14 thoughts on “My November Wrap-up

  1. I really want to read There Will Come A Darkness! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. The Crown was amazing, I really enjoyed this season too. I definitely agree with you about Gillian’s acting. She was freaking amazing as Thatcher, one of my favorite scenes is when she confronts the queen for voicing, even though without admiring it, her opinions against her. πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh wow! Over 100 books read – that’s incredible! My target is 15 and I’m on 11 πŸ™ˆ Desperately trying to read the last 4 books in 12 days x

    Liked by 1 person

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