Hello Fellow Readers,

I hope you are all well and always keeping safe.

Personal and blog updates first:

200+ followers!! YAY!! Thank you so much guys!! And welcome to the new followers!! ❤️❤️❤️

My monthly wrap-up comes a bit later than usual as I wanted to dedicate more time to my post in collaboration with Photowall, a Swedish wall-art company. I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed working on it. Last month I started my new job and it has been challenging to balance working from home and normal life all under one roof. I wish I had more time to dedicate to this blog, but I still plan to work on some improvements, and possibly run a giveaway via my Twitter account – so if you don’t follow me, you should do it now and keep an eye on it. I received a few review requests which I am so excited about… but I also have a small procedure at the hospital next week, which is giving me a bit of anxiety. So… busy life!! I will need to balance both review requests and life stuff. WOW! November is going to be interesting…

Enough about me!

My October reads:

I managed to read 9 books, but I suspect November number will be lower:

I was given an ARC of Remnants of Atonement, but unfortunately it was a DNF for me. I found it super confusing and I didn’t feel for the characters enough to continue. Another disappointing read was Blood & Honey, for which I posted a review/rant. My favourite read of the month was definitely Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Why haven’t I read this before?? It was simply amazing!! It was good but the ending hurt so badly. Laini Taylor’s writing is magical and I can’t wait to continue this story.

What I watched last month:

I am currently in the middle of a revival of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I am loving it. Drusilla was such a cool vampire.

Last month I finally managed to finish watching The Falloh my gosh, what an ending. Also, funny story. I was under the impression that this story was going to be a celebration of “forbidden love trope”. For some reason, while discussing this show with a friend I got the WRONG IMPRESSION that the two of them were going to fall in love. Part of me was actually waiting until the last episode for some spark… lol. Oh boy, I was so wrong!! 🤦 

I also watched Enola Holmes but for some reason I had the feeling that the movie started with a very smart Enola and finished with a very different female character. She was more of a messy, weeping, clumsy girl at the end of the movie… As much as I love both Helena Bonham Carter and Millie Bobby Brown, I wasn’t so impressed by the overall movie, to be honest. Which is a shame, as I was super excited about this feminist retake on Sherlock Holmes.

That’s pretty much everything about my October.

How is November going so far for you?

Talk with you next month!