Hello Fellow Readers,

How is your summer going?

Last week I came to realise that it’s been five months since the lockdown started. I am part of the population that doesn’t take part in BBQs, avoids pubs and still remembers that we are in a pandemic. I have been working as a freelance during the last couple of weeks, and I was surprised that I am so used to this new reality.

At least, I am keeping my brain busy with work. Last month I haven’t been able to read as much as I wanted – I originally planned to read 15 books. This is what I read:

My favourite read of July is definitely The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stocker, the story of Harriet and the ending of this book is still haunting me like a proper ghost story should. I also recommend purchasing the book directly from the Lauren James Etsy shop. You can get a personalised copy with extra goodies.

34503674._sy475_In general, it was a good reading month. I also loved All the Stars and Teeth. I will attempt a trip to a bookshop and purchase a physical copy of this story. I can’t wait to read its sequel. And well… I super loved it and got super hungover with Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Here’s a bit of background story. I picked up Nevernight for the first time two years ago and I dnf’ed at 30%? I think, the problem was that I kept jumping from the story to the footnotes. Moreover, I was going through some crazy shit at my previous workplace and I gave up. Last year, I read Aurora Rising and I met Jay Kristoff during one event in London and that guy is awesome! I felt truly bad about my review of Nevernight, I made one my 2020 reading resolutions to give it another chance. I completely focused on Mia for two days, without work or other thoughts and we finally clicked, I was heartbroken by the turn of the events at the end of the story, but I knew, I was in love with Mia and Jay Kristoff has my heart in the end (and he is stabbing and stabbing and stabbing…). What surprised me the most about rereading this story is, when I read it the first time, I had the impression it was quite violent. Now I think that compared to more recent YA (pointing my finger to The Gilded Ones), this story is not as gore and bloody as I thought. Yes, it is for an adult audience totally, but other YA titles could be worse.

5099602Another story I quite enjoyed reading was Graceling and I am totally going to read the whole series. Katsa has become one of my favourite female characters. She is so strong, independent, and determined, and I love that finally, we don’t get one of those love stories where babies are the end game. Po’s story literally brought me to tears. It was a bit slow at times. Nevertheless, it’s a great adventure, with two amazing and unforgettable characters. I warmly recommend this book. Also, heads up, the writer is going to pick it up and release a new book set in this world.

What I watched:

I was rewatching Big Bang Theory, and every weekend we watch lots of Korean TV. We have been watching Hanging Out with Yoo, me and my hubby love Yoo Jae-suk. We loved the recent project to create a “summer” idol group with Lee Hyori and Rain – Ssak 3.

We also watched and absolutely loved Netflix movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. This is one of those silly movies that I could watch over and over, like Paul. Will Ferrell is hilarious and we loved the original songs in the movie. Here’s my favourite: Volcano Man. The costume are fantastic, the whole MV and lyrics made me laugh every time I watch it. 

What I listened to:

Two songs were on repeat on my Spotify. Yep, always K-pop, sorry!

Lee Hi – Holo. The video is a bit weird but the lyrics are so beautiful…

Crush – Ohio It’s just sooooo good!

That’s it for this month. Thanks for reading!