the iskari

I still remember when I signed up for my first subscription box with Fairyloot and the first book I received was The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli. I love stories with badass girls riding dragons. To be fair, I love every story with dragons in it. I really enjoyed the first book, it was a typical fantasy tale that makes you miss your train stop. I was amazed to discover Firgaard and its world building and mythology.

The first book is all around Asha. When she was a child, she learnt the danger of telling a forbidden story. She summoned a dragon who almost completely destroyed her city and left her face scarred for life, as a reminder of what she has done and that she has to pay for. It is a story of not only politics and betrayal but also personal discovery.

When the second book – The Caged Queen – came out, to be honest I was a bit underwhelmed. If you know the series, you know that whilst being all set in the same world and somehow interconnected to each other, every book has a separate plot and main characters.  The story is focused on two sisters, Essie and Roa.

Dax, Asha’s brother, is the heir to the throne of Firgaard. Dax and Roa are sworn enemies as Dax is also responsible for Essie’s death. The only problem is that the connection between the two sisters is so strong that Essie’s spirit remains with Roa in the form of a hawk. Roa, in order to protect her people and find a way to bring her sister back, agrees to marry Dax as a compromise and become the Queen of Firgaard.

I felt it was a bit of a step-beck in terms of plot pace. I enjoyed the romance between Roa and Dax but I was not pulled into the story as much as the first one. The writing was always amazing but the plot was predictable, so I was wary before reading the third book.

I was so wrong…


The third book, The Sky Weaver, was absolutely fantastic and it was the perfect way to end this trilogy.

The Sky Weaver continues the story of Safire, Asha’s cousins and King Dax’s commandant, and her quest to capture the thief and pirate The Death Dancer – Eris. Safire and Eris’ destinies are inevitably entwined to each other to fight a common enemy.

Ciccarelli did an amazing job with this plot, I couldn’t put this book down. She fantastically pulled off the enemies-to-lovers trope and continued to expand this world full of dragons and gods, bringing us to new territories and seas full of pirates. I really loved how Ciccarelli tells us the myth of The Sky Weaver, and how this secondary story line is connected with the main plot.

If you loved Asha from The Last Namsara, you will rejoice to see her back in this book, together with Kuzo and – YESSS – more dragons.  I am so sad now The Iskari series is over. The Sky Weaver brings all the main characters of all three books together in a gripping and touching ending and I believe this book should receive more love from YA readers. 

Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of the ebook in exchange of an honest review. 


To sum up: I loved it so much that, I ordered the hardback version from US. I had the first two books in hardback and I couldn’t find it available for purchase here in UK, and my OCD prevents me from having mismatched copies…


Final review:

The Last Namsara 5/5

The Caged Queen 3/5

The Sky Weaver 5/5